Allika hostel

A safe and cozy hostel situated in part of the historical and fully renovated Suuremõisa castle complex, which is well-known in the local slang as the “girls’ house” and which dates back to the 18th century. Accommodation is offered in… Read more

Caravan park in Kärdla Harbour

The territory of Kärdla Harbour has a caravan park with modern equipment, located on the beautiful seaside. The park is also suitable for the most demanding passengers. Guests can enjoy the lovely harbour, visit the restaurants, or relax and barbecue… Read more

Dagen Haus Guesthouse

Dagen Haus Guesthouse is located on Island Hiiumaa, next to the seaside, in the old granary of Orjaku manor. Stone buildings of the manor were built in the 1840ies. The main building has always been practical and modest. Granary of… Read more

Eero Holiday House

Our cosy and safe holiday home in Hiiumaa welcomes you! Eero Holiday House is located in Kärdla, near the city centre and attractions. We welcome both families and small groups. If you are looking for private accommodation, Eero Holiday House… Read more

Heltermaa Hotel

Heltermaa Hotel is a good place from where to start your exploration trips to the beautiful island of Hiiu. The rooms are simply decorated, have a seating area, and all rooms also offer a view to the sea. Delicious meals… Read more

Hiiumaa Vocational School Dormitory

Hiiumaa Vocational School Dormitory provides comfortable accommodation in a renovated and cosy building, located just 6 km from Heltermaa Harbour and only a short walk from Suuremõisa Castle. The dormitory sleeps up to 60 in single and twin rooms, all… Read more

Hõbekala Guesthouse

Hõbekala Guesthouse is located in the westernmost tip of Hiiumaa, between the Ristna lighthouse and Surfiparadiis. The island’s most beautiful and diverse beaches, forests, and landscapes can all be seen within a kilometre. We have: – spacious and bright comfortable… Read more

Holiday House in Nina Farm

The Holiday House in Nina Farm on Kassari Island, in the village of Orjaku, which is more than 750 years old, is located in a former smithy. A new life has been given to the building by combining the old-time… Read more

Holiday House of Ratturi Farm

When you visit Hiiumaa, stop at Ratturi Farm in the beautiful Reigi village. We offer accommodation for smaller and larger groups. Here, you can play volleyball and have fun on the village swing. We also have a Finnish sauna and… Read more

Hotel Sõnajala

Hotel Sõnajala is located in Kärdla on Hiiumaa. It is only a few kilometres from the sea, in a tranquil place amidst birdsong and greenery. The hotel offers double and triple rooms with all conveniences. Soft drinks are available in… Read more

Hundi Holiday House

We welcome guests at Hundi Holiday House all year round. We are located just 400 metres from the Kärdla Airport, so you can easily come here from Tallinn. As scheduled flights take place only a few times a day, it… Read more
The romantic guest room ‘Lestatuba’ has a double bed and a pull-out sofa, where your children can sleep. The guest room offers a view of the spacious garden. The tasteful decor is inspired by the love of the sea and… Read more
The three-room cosy apartment is equipped with all the modern comforts. The two-storey spacious studio will make you feel as cosy as if you were in your own home – actually, we hope that you will feel even cosier. You… Read more
Huusi Small Sauna House is located on Hiiumaa, in the lovely village of Hellamaa, on Huusi Farm. The log house with two small bedrooms is suitable for couples or a smaller family. Enjoy a pleasant and private sauna experience in… Read more

Kalda Holiday Farm

Situated on naturally beautiful Tahkuna peninsula only 200 m from sandy beach, the quiet and peaceful Kalda holiday farm welcomes visitors all year round. Accommodation is in log houses and camping houses. You can use a campsite, grill site, and… Read more

Kaluri Holiday Home

Kaluri Holiday Home is situated close to Sõru Harbour on the island of Hiiumaa. It  is the perfect place for people coming from the neighbouring island of Saaremaa or those heading over there to spend the night. The holiday home is… Read more

Kalurikodu Holiday Home

Kalurikodu Holiday Home is located in Hiiumaa in an old fully renovated log house. The holiday home with all modern conveniences is suitable for a holiday for several families or for a group of up to 8 people. Due to its… Read more

Kärdla Retrovisiit

Kärdla Retrovisiit offers retro-looking and cosy accommodation on the main street of the centre of Kärdla, where everything is comfortably nearby. There are shops, a market, various dining options, exciting Kärdla attractions, and a swimming area. Accommodation is offered in… Read more

Kärdla Retrovisiit Helmi

Kärdla Retrovisiit Helmi is a cosy part of a house with a sauna in Kärdla. Helmi is located on a lovely cosy side-street, where it is nice and quiet. On the ground floor, there is a spacious living room with… Read more

Kassari Holiday Centre

This cosy and enjoyable centre, located on a beautiful seashore in the midst of untouched nature, offers many surprises and can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer, as well as those of families with children. The centre includes a… Read more

Kassari-Nurga Holiday House

Kassari-Nurga Holiday House is located in Esiküla on the beautiful and special Kassari Island. The ground floor has a spacious living room, an open kitchen with a fireplace, and a sauna with an electric heater. You can take a refreshing… Read more

Kassariotsa Holiday House

Kassariotsa Holiday House has been established in an old harbour which was used by coastal fishermen. The Holiday House is located at the top of the peninsula and is surrounded by sea from three sides. The Holiday House can be… Read more

Katri Guesthouse

Katri Guesthouse is located in the middle of fields, forests, and beautiful nature. The sea is just 5 km from here. Come with your family or organise a memorable event for a larger group. You can use the fireplace room,… Read more

Katri Holiday Village

Katri Holiday Village is in the middle of beautiful nature decorated with fields and forests. The sea is only 5 km away. Here, you can spend a relaxing holiday with your family or organise events for a bigger crowd. You can… Read more

Kauste Holiday Houses

Tiiupesa Holiday Complex consist of two houses: Tiiupesa Main Building and Neitsiait. Tiiupesa is a renovated granary dating back to 1890. The limestone fireplace is romantic and rustic, but there are also modern amenities. The cottage provides a splendid view of… Read more

Keldrimäe Guesthouse

The Keldrimäe Guesthouse is located in a former manor in the heart of Kassari village on the island of Hiiumaa. The manor was built in the 18th century and belonged to the Stackelberg family. Some of the original buildings and… Read more

Kernuti House

A traditional private farmhouse between junipers and stone gardens, a few hundred metres from the sea. Stone foundation, thatched roof, log walls – made of local materials, built by local men. The house was completed in 2020 and includes all… Read more

Kivijüri Guesthouse

The cosy Kivijüri Guesthouse in Kärdla, the capital of Hiiumaa, offers ideal accommodation for families and smaller groups. Due to its good location, you can reach the city square and the beach in just a few minutes. Read more

Lõokese Hotel

Hotell Lõokese is located on Hiiumaa Island, next to Käina town. It is away from the noise and fast pace of the city, so you can enjoy every moment and devote yourself to happy thoughts and dreams here. The hotel… Read more

Luige Residence

A small, comfortable residence with a sauna in Hiiumaa, Rootsi village. Guests can use a hot tub with a light system and a sauna with a music system for up to twelve people. The residence has two bedrooms, a living… Read more

Männi Summer House

The quiet and cosy farmyard of Männi Summer House in Kassari offers accommodation for a family or group of up to 6 people. There is an old-style renovated granary, where you can have a pleasant and private rest. Naturally, there… Read more

Nõmme Holiday House

Come and enjoy a soothing holiday in our home garden, where the lawn mows itself! Nõmme Holiday House offers an idyllic holiday in Kärdla, the capital of Hiiumaa. The holiday home is located in a large yard and offers privacy.… Read more

Nurga Holiday Home

The Nurga Holiday Home complex, located in a very quiet and small village of Kaasiku, includes a main building, a white house, and a barbecue house. The main building has three double bedrooms and a spacious living room with an… Read more

Nuutri Villa

The private and cosy Nuutri Villa is located in Hiiu County, on the bank of River Nuutri and is perfect for spending time with your friends. Make yourself at home – the rooms are cosy and romantic.The villa with its large garden… Read more

Paadi Holiday House

Salinõmme is a small peninsula on Hiiumaa where you can enjoy Hiiumaa to the fullest. Just 11 minutes from Heltermaa Harbour, this holiday house offers a large garden, a private beach, and a peaceful atmosphere. Here, you can rent a… Read more

Padu Hotel

Padu Hotel offers accommodation in the middle of greenery and fresh sea air. The cosy two-storey hotel is located on the edge of the city and features solid wood furnishings. In addition to accommodation, we offer a delicious breakfast and… Read more

Pähkli Primeval Hut

If you are looking for something special, primeval and unique, this ancient sauna hut is the perfect place for you to spend a relaxed vacation in Hiiu County. The hut is made from large logs and has a thick sod… Read more

Palade Retrovisiit

Palade Retrovisiit offers cosy and lovely accommodation in Pühalepa rural municipality, Hiiu County. The guest apartment is located in a homely cottage-cum threshing barn. The apartment has a bright entry, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a private… Read more

Palade Retrovisiit Leili

Palade Retrovisiit Leili is a spacious, lovely and cosy guest apartment with a sauna in Pühalepa parish in Hiiumaa. The apartment is located in a homely cottage-cum-threshing-barn-type country house. The apartment has a hallway, a spacious kitchen-living room, a sauna,… Read more

Pauka Holiday Home

Pauka is a holiday village complex sitiated in Luidja on the Kõpu peninsula on the island of Hiiumaa. Accommodation is provided in log cabins which have interesting names like Nõiamaja (The Witch’s House), Trummimaja (The Drum House) and Metsavahimaja (The… Read more

Peedu Holiday House

Peedu Holiday House is located on one of the most beautiful islands in Estonia – Hiiumaa. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to spend some lovely and quiet time with your friends… Read more

Põhja Tooma holiday homes

We offer accommodation in six separate holiday homes: Cabin boy, Seaman, Able Seafarer, Boatswain, Admiral, and Captain. You can also enjoy a genuine wood-heated sauna and a bathing barrel. The yard featuring junipers has a large camping ground with a… Read more

Posti holiday homes

Do you yearn for a weekend in a quiet small town? Would you like to bathe in the sea and go on bicycle trips? The sea is just a 10-minute walk from us. Would you like to come with your… Read more

Posti Hostel

Posti Hostel welcomes you! The building is located by the city park of Kärdla, in a green and quiet area. We are close to all of the city’s amenities and attractions. The sea is just 400 meters from here. You can take… Read more

Pruuli Holiday Farm

Pruuli Holiday Farm is close to Sõru harbour at the southern tip of Hiiumaa and can be clearly seen by those coming to the island by sea. The farm has been in in the family for centuries, but all of its… Read more

Purje Holiday House

The cosy Purje Holiday House is located in the forests of Hiiumaa. The small two-room log house has everything you need for a pleasant holiday: everything from a refrigerator to a washing machine. Here, you can listen to birds singing,… Read more

Puumetsa Holiday House

If you want to listen to the birdsong and the crashing of the waves, visit the Puumetsa Holiday House!We offer you a pleasant stay, barbecue facilities, and a sauna – everything you need for a pleasant holiday. The house has… Read more

Randmäe Holiday Farm

Randmäe Holiday Farm is located on the western coast of Tahkuna Peninsula, in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful Mangu sandy beach, which is also a nice swimming place for children. Our farm has cosy cottages and outbuildings that have… Read more

Ranna Farm

Ranna farm is a quiet and safe place in Taguküla on the beautiful island of Kassari. Read more

Roograhu harbour guesthouse

Roograhu harbour guesthouse is located right by the sea and is an ideal vacation spot for families and small groups of friends. It offers beautiful views over the Tahkuna peninsula and the Hiiessaare lighthouse. You can explore the island by… Read more

Roose Town House

Open all year round, Roose Town House was rebuilt as a holiday house from the private residence of Karl Kaups, a pastor and a member of the Estonian Parliament. The two-storeyed house was completed in 1939. Currently, the building has… Read more

Sireli Hostel

Located in the village of Suureranna on the Kõpu Peninsula, Sireli Hostel is a suitable place to relax for those who respect nature and want to spend time in the country, forest, and by the sea. We offer more private… Read more

Sõru Holiday Village

There are 6 small and 2 larger houses in Sõru Holiday Village. All the houses have been provided with a terrace, a toilet and a shower room. Larger houses can also be used in winter. There is also a summer… Read more

Tamme Farm

Tamme Holiday House is located in Orjaku, in the middle of junipers. The Holiday House offers pleasant accommodation for families or smaller groups. The house has a terrace and a balcony. Read more

Tondilossi Guesthouse

The island nature and the peaceful way of life are characteristic of Hiiumaa and the reasons that make people come here again and again. The affordable and friendly Tondilossi Guesthouse awaits you! We have seven rooms for 16 guests: you can… Read more

Ungru Guesthouse

The barque Hioma, which was built in Suursadam, Hiiumaa and was the first Estonian vessel to sail around Cape Horn, returned to its home in 1857. The dignified customhouse that witnessed this historic event has now been turned into a beautiful guesthouse.… Read more

Urikivi Holiday House

Urikivi Holiday House is located in a quiet and beautiful place in Orjaku village in Hiiumaa. It is perfect for a family or a smaller group of friends. The building was built in the middle of the 19th century and… Read more

Valipe Holiday House

Valipe Holiday House is located in a beautiful place surrounded by forest and alvar. The place is private but there are sheep and horses next to the holiday home. Wild animals are very common here. The holiday house is open… Read more

Vana-Tamme Holiday House

Vana-Tamme Holiday House is located in Orjaku Village on the seaside in the middle of junipers. There is a balcony in the Holiday House where it is good to watch birds in spring and autumn. It is a private place… Read more

Viinaköök Guesthouse

The guesthouse is located in the historic distillery of Kõrgessaare Manor, an impressive stone house from 1881. You can spend the night in a comfortable room, relax in the Finnish sauna, and rent bicycles on site. There is a playground… Read more

Villa Kertelhof Guesthouse

Villa Kertelhof Guesthouse is located in Hiiumaa, in the centre of Kärdla. The dignified house on the main street was moved to Kärdla in the late 1930s from Õngu, where it served as a prayer house for many years. Villa… Read more