The island of entrepreneurial people

The people of Hiiumaa are entrepreneurial by nature, whether due to the peculiarities of an insular lifestyle or the ability they have acquired by learning from history to take the reins and make their own luck. Hiiumaa has a good support system for starting a business: both the Development Centre and the Hiiumaa Vocational School offer support and counselling to new entrepreneurs and constant further training to those already advanced.

Life on an island creates the perfect conditions for teleworking: high-speed Internet and a good flight and ferry connection with the mainland provide opportunities to make dreams come true without sacrificing one’s day-to-day quality of life. The people of Hiiumaa are also smart when it comes to citizen initiatives and cooperation, which is illustrated by the abundance of village associations even in the furthest corners of the island. We have the potential to fulfil our dreams!

What is Hiiumaa’s economy like and what does it consist of?

Hiiumaa has always been an industrial island. The first companies who exported products from the island were companies like lime kilns, glass factories and saltworks, who were directly involved in the valorisation of local and natural raw materials. Later additions were vodka distilleries, the broadcloth factory and the shipbuilding industry.

Now, the three largest industrial sectors of the island are plastic and assembly, forestry and timber, and the food industry.

An endless variety of plastic details, film and packaging, including biodegradable plastic bags, are produced on Hiiumaa. Hiiumaa’s talented wood processors focus on small-scale industry and primarily make high-quality kitchen and designer furniture. Moreover, among other things, the insular lifestyle has over time made us into smart logisticians and fine transport workers.

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